About Veritable Data Solutions, Inc.

Co-founder David Fleck has fought ID theft, forgery, and related fraud crimes since 1997 as a lawyer. Co-founder Allan Martia, who is a real estate developer and a software developer, was the unfortunate victim of a ID thief and lost over $10M worth of equity in his real estate holdings.

The two of them realized that, in a world in which everybody has the technology on their home computers to create believable forgeries, there is no longer any way to know with certainty if a document is real or fake. Historically, we relied on notary stamps and other professional seals to guaranty the authenticity of important documents like deeds, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, engineering documents and original works, but this is no longer possible.

Veritable Data has developed smartphone technology based on its own blockchain platform to assign NFTs to critical documents at their inception, so that subsequent viewers of those documents can confirm that they are genuine.

What We Do

Verify Identities

Veritable Data’s smartphone technology used cutting-edge KYC technology to confirm that users are who they claim to be.

Mint NFTs

Veritable Data’s proprietary blockchain platform assigns non-fungible tokens to users’ identities, important documents, and real estate.

Authenticate Documents

Veritable Data’s web portal enables viewers of important documents to confirm their authenticity and genuineness.

Our Products and Services

Veri-Lock™ Notary App

Preventing ID Theft & Forgery in Real Estate Transactions


Premier Home Title Protection


Securing Important Documents with NFTs

Veri-Lock™ Construction App

Preventing Forgery of Engineering Documents

Why Veritable Data

  • Founders have unrivalled subject matter expertise
  • Patent pending on blockchain technology
  • Clearly-demonstrable problems that need solutions
  • Effective solutions that eliminate problems
  • $2M technology liability insurance policy

Our Blog

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NFTs Minted for Fraud Protection. How and why?

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What are my rights when someone forged my signature?

What are my rights when someone forged my signature?

As a California lawyer, I have been fighting con artists and flimflam men (that’s my favorite synonym for fraudsters!) since 1998, and I can’t tell you how many forged signatures, fake notary seals and fabricated documents that I have...

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Notaries Throughout History and Pop Culture

Notaries Throughout History and Pop Culture

Notaries Public, also known simply as notaries, are officials appointed by state governments to witness the signing of important, sometimes life-altering documents. These unbiased third parties serve in positions of integrity and...

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